“no“ is “yes“ for a writer.

When you go in to the literary world, you have many dreams and illusion. But what anyone says is the many dificulties that you experience in this complicated world.

As a writer when the world says “no“ you need to learn how to convert that into a big and great “yes“. Because you will receive NO all the times, and in the all possible ways...

Dont take care about that, you dont stop fighting... the literay world is dangerous, hostile, dark and misleading... but when you manage to be published, this world change and smile at you.

So you dont cry, dont stop writing, do not give up until your dreams come true. You are a writer, you need tell something... you need to be read.

Now, you know that when a publisher says “no“, you should change it to a big “yes“. And you will listen “yes“ at all times.

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